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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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America Supports You
America Supports You is DOD's official troop support website

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America Supporting Americans

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America Supporting Americans
--"Big ole Jet Airliner", coming for to carry me home. "We gotta get outta this place if it’s the last thing we ever do."
Welcome Home (Those were our anthems, theme songs for us Vietnam Vets’

Our troops of today I’m sure have their own.

Homecomings and Welcome Home events galore are happening with ASA Adoptive Cities and organizations all over the country as some of our adopted sons and daughters are returning just in time for Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

This has to be the Best Time of the year to be returning home from any deployment. What an awesome time to Honor our troops with an outstanding greeting of cheers or Welcome Home Event. Just check into ASA website "Homecoming events" to get a peek of some happy troops and families.

Thanks to all the ASA Adoptive cities, Lacrosse teams, and all the great Foster sponsors that have partnered with ASA to adopt and support so many units deployed over these past 15 months or longer.

You have shown our Nation what it means to be a true American Patriot by Unconditionally standing with and supporting our young men and women who have gone to the Zone to defend all of us and freed an oppressed people.

"We build and defend not for our generation alone. We defend the foundations laid by our fathers. We build a life for generations yet unborn. We defend and we build a way of life, not for America alone, but for all mankind." - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fireside Chat, May 1940


Thanks for your many sacrifices and that of your families and loved ones on our behalf. If possible we hope you can stay in touch.

Thanks to all the ASA support sponsors for staying the course. Being there for our brave and courageous troops of today as they pack their rucksacks, and head home, or to those of you going "above & beyond the call of duty" and extending for another unit heading out for another deployment/mission.

As I reflect to another time and battlefield, my brothers and I humped mountains, hacked through jungles and walked through rice paddies facing an enemy (Vietnam) we always knew "one city" cared about us as they do to this day... rest assure, their love, encouragement, patriotism and tokens of appreciation gave me and my fellow soldiers the resolve to carry on. Hoooah! Thanks San Mateo for being there with me and my brothers 67-72. WB

As we all celebrate these great "Homecoming Celebrations", let us not forgetGuard All the Units that have just recently deployed and are scheduled to deploy again. Remember those not home and in dangerous places. As one Command packs its unit colors homeward bound, a new Command unfolds its unit colors for another "Call"... thereby ASA enlists another challenge/mission...freedom is not free, and our troops must march on...

Please help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors as well as your community leaders, congressman and senators let them know we need their support for the work America Supporting American does. If they cannot support one of our units perhaps they can place their support on ASA website making a small donation to help us carry on. Let this be a reminder our home front support is still very much needed by us all. Our global website reaches many troops and their families.

Please let’s all do our best to encourage them to close ranks with us and give these new units deploying the much deserved support and backing they so deserve. Point them to global website which outlines our mission with example after example of what we can all do on the home front!

Brothers and Sisters as an Original Adopted Son of San Mateo, Calif and one who walked along side our Brother Joe Artavia who started this program I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for your own Adopted Sons and Daughters. Rest assured they will never, ever forget your kindness and caring... that is why I am here for ASA and all of you.

God Bless our returning troops
God Bless Our Deploying Troops.
God Bless America.

"ABU’s", A-Co. 1st/327th, Welcome Home my young Brothers and Sisters, Thanks!

Wild Bill
A-Co. 1st / 327th Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division, Vietnam 1967-1969

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