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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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America Supporting Americans

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America Supporting Americans


camaraderie: pronunciation: käm-rä-d(ə-)rē, kam- noun French, from camarade comrade,1840 : a spirit of friendly good-fellowship

Brothers and Sisters,
I am so very delighted to write this month of the awesome camaraderie shared between ASA’s Cities, Units and Outreach Programs.

Camaraderie Kudos to the Magnificent Four: ASA Great “Kentucky “ Cities of Villa Hills, Taylor Mill, Crescent Springs , and Lakeside Park.

Troops You are AMERICA SUPPORTING AMERICANS (ASA)!!! The magnitude of support and unity within these four great cities has cast a giant illumination over ASA’s mission. Your 1-320th Field Artillery Regiment soldiers “stood tall “while taking the oath to serve and protect the USA, an oath that was subsequently heard by four Kentucky cities stepping forward and proclaiming to support these units through “Resolutions”. Let it be known that ASA’s Magnificent Four represents the highest call to action upon which ASA was founded.

Welcome Home Camaraderie Balls in Hopkinson, Kentucky:

Troops ASA City Reps were in attendance of the 1-327th and 2-327th 101st ABN balls from California and Tennessee. San Mateo, CA City Rep and Coordinator, Norma Gomez, was there to join the festivities for her city’s adopted unit A Co ( ABU’s ) 1-327th ., The first unit being adopted March, 1968. This put the frosting on a 40 year camaraderie cake! She was greeted by troops and FRG (Family Readiness Group) Leaders from previous deployments all thrilled to see her. They know she represents the good people of San Mateo. They exchanged hugs and the soldier’s wives were so appreciated by Norma. “Norma, you know I wanted to be there. Regretfully, health issues did not allow me to attend but I was with you in spirit. Hooah, Norma and San Mateo!” Troops

“THE TOP GUNS” 1-320th FA Camaraderie
A large number of ASA city reps will also be attending the “THE TOP GUNS” Ball on Feb. 27th. Driving from Northern KY to Hopkinsville, KY, neither ice nor snow will keep them away. If any of you take pictures or videos while attending these events, we would love to put together a commemorative piece to share !!!

Camaraderie Kudos to Boynton Beach, FL who recently received a flag from their Delta Demons. Hey we know there’s camaraderie going on there, Aye!! Congrats Boynton Beach & Carisse LeJeune, ASA State Representative FL: 18 years strong of supporting your Delta Demons.

Camaraderie Kudos go to University of Dallas Women’s Lacrosse who had a great article published in LaX Power Magazine about fostering/adopting the 10th Transportation Company through ASA. Hoooah! That outreach just brought more lacrosse teams to ASA. Kudos to all of ASA Lacrosse teams for support of all their fostered units. It must be awesome to come onto the field with your unit’s decals on your helmets, Hooah ! Great to see that spirit and pride -- you can bet your troops feel the love! Tric and Linda P. have connected to LaX on Facebook, too. ASA can see the camaraderie strength in LaX numbers. Check the ASA Lacrosse homepage for more information

Camaraderie GOOD NEWS! Lori L. Caputo, Vice President of Military Donation Programs eKnowledge Corp., shared her knowledge of a new program sponsored by up to 200 Patriotic NFL Players. Free SAT/ACT TEST PREP software is available to all armed forces personnel including dependents and veterans. The program can retail for $200-$500 but may be obtained for S&H only. ASA’s own YCAP (Youth Civic Action Program) offers great opportunities for schools’ interaction with a military unit. Many FRG Leaders and unit Commanders have relayed the great impact YCAP has made on their soldiers, the teachers and students. ASA sees very strong camaraderie between the two programs and hopes to combine forces with Lori and eKnowledge to promote an outreach that will dually benefit our military families.

Troops Seeking Camaraderie CLOSE TO HEART AND HOME;
I would like to pay honor and gratitude to our ASA State Representative AZ, Tric Ortiz’s daughter , Andrea Radhe. This young mother heard the call to join the Army and serve her country as Combat Medic now on her first deployment to AFGH, leaving on the home front a supportive family, husband and four children. They are all so proud of her.

“Doc Radhe, I’m personally in awe of your fortitude, courage and selfless commitment to take on the hazards of the job as a medic for your military service and desire to be there for those who will need your help when the time comes. I have seen our medics in action. It is a noble and brave calling that most do not have the strength or courage to answer. Doc, I’m so damn proud of ya and those in your Unit! God Speed. Be Safe, God Bless You All . Write your mom, hubby: and especially those kids as often as you can!!!”

ASA is diligently seeking an Adoptive City or Foster Sponsor to support her Medical Unit out of Ft. Drum, NY! If any of our ASA family has a lead on a City willing and able to step up and adopt them, please contact ASA. Tric has taken on a virtual outreach for ASA on Facebook, MySpace and Ecademy to spread the word for ASA, this large unit and the support they need. “Tricster, sister , ya got one hell of a girl there” !!!!!

SSG Nathan Mudd, my Friend and Brother you are not forgotten. Will always be remembered ! We will Walk Trails Together one day Brother.Love Ya Brother !

God Bless your leaders, your committees, and your city’s patriots!
Til Next Time !
ASA comrade,
Wild Bill
“ABU ”
Nam 67-69

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