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America Supporting Americans Lacrosse

ASA Partners with Neil Duffy!

ASA is proud to partner with author Neil Duffy to make his book, The Spirit in the Stick, available to all lacrosse teams affiliated with ASA to include in shipments to adopted units at production cost ($1.75 per copy + shipping).

Linda Patterson ASA comment: ASA's motto "Morale as High as the Clouds" is what The Spirit in the Stick brings our troops! ASA Lacrosse teams and their adopted units huddle as ONE supporting each other. Excerpts from CPT Derocchi, 101st ABN Division (Air Assault), unit Battle Prayer to Bucknell Men's Lacrosse - during 3/11/06 Bucknell LAX game.

As you prepare for battle on the Grid-Iron, I have a message for you as we prepare for Battle in the streets of Baghdad. You see "... you also have a special BATTLE-BUDDY today. You have Sappers that lie upon a distant sand, of a foreign battlefield. As your Team Captain has prepared you for your battle-drills, I have prepared these fine soldiers to serve as your last line of defense. Should you need us, should you need a little extra boost, should you need a little extra just take your hand and rub that 101st Airborne Sticker that is on your helmet; when you do, you will have what it takes, secretly from 6000 miles away. we are standing ready to support and defend you 110%. The TWILIGHT is here, the time has come, now raise up YOUR WEAPONS and prepare for BATTLE. GO BUCKNELL ..."!


Sid Jamieson ASA comment: " Bucknell University Lacrosse is extremely proud of our support of the " Bounty Hunters " of B Troop, 3-73 Cav through our association with ASA. We pray for their safety and successful return as their missions end. The Spirit of the Stick is a warriors book that creates a spiritual bond with the physical and mental parts of the Creator's game."

Worthington Kilbourne High School (Columbus, Ohio) coach Michael Riffee will be including the book in their support of their adopted unit, the men and women of the HHC 801st Brigade Support Battalion, 101st Airborne Assault out of Ft. Campbell, KY who are proudly serving our country while currently stationed in Afghanistan.

Riffee states, "On page 28 of The Spirit in the Stick, Capt. Jim Lewis explains to Robbie that '...true lacrosse players should play with enthusiasm, class, physical and mental toughness, and team spirit. The game after all, was and is a team game. I've been looking for a young warrior with character, spirit, and leadership but, mainly, for a player who puts his team ahead of himself.' The brave men and women of our armed forces live and work daily to maintain those same standards of excellence. Including The Spirit in the Stick in our next shipment to 'The Regulators' of the 801st is just a small way to say thank you and show how our lacrosse team supports Capt. Michael Brown and his soldiers."

Hobart College coach T.W. Johnson will be sending copies to troops, as well. Johnson states, "Hobart College is honored to be able to share The Spirit in the Stick with our adopted unit. It is a terrific story about the game of lacrosse whose main characters have been military officers throughout history. It could not fit in more perfectly with the support we are attempting to convey to our troops currently serving our country. We believe that the lessons of character, integrity, and service in the story will edify and uplift our troops."

The Spirit in the Stick has drawn praise from hundreds of readers including active duty service members from as far away as Okinawa, Iraq, and Afghanistan as well as dozens of coaches including current and former service academy coaches Richie Meade (Navy), Jack Emmer (Army), Fred Acee (Air Force), and Tom Gill (Merchant Marine Academy).

For more information about the book, please visit or contact the author directly at


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