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Who We Are

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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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America Supports You
America Supports You is DOD's official troop support website

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ASA Adoption Support Services


ASA offers a variety of adoption support services. These are more fully described in the ASA Handbook for Adoptive Cities and the ASA Handbook for Adopted Units that are sent to city and unit contact people once the adoption is finalized. Some of our services, however, are briefly described on this page.




Fundraising assistance:

Cities participating in the ASA Adopt-a-Unit Program may raise funds to support their adoption activities through ASA. Donors may make tax deductible contributions to ASA, designating that these contributions be used for adoption activities in a particular communit. Provided the community has a Donation Agreement Form on file with us, we will forward these contributions to the adoptive community involved.


Postings on the ASA Website:

Each adoptive city is entitled to a section in our City & Unit News pages where ASA will post news, pictures, and announcements concerning community adoption activities. Our web administrator works closely with our adoptive communities on this.


ASA eNewsletters and Email Updates:

ASA eNewsletters provide information about ASA, its programs, and its activities in general. Our email updates are designed to provide interested individuals with pictures, news, and other information about the adopted unit and adoption activities for a given community. If your community provides us with the informaion, we will take care of emailing it to anyone registered with ASA who has indicated a particular interest in your community's adoption program.


Guidance in selecting adoption activities:

ASA is happy to help you choose among a wide array of adoption activities including those designed to integrate with school curriculums, supporting what is being learned in the classroom.


Help Reconnecting with an Adoptive Community or Adopted Unit:

Occasionally a contact person leaves the community or the unit and contact between the adoptive community and the adopted unit is temporarily lost. If this happens, ASA works to retore contact as quickly as possible.


Downloadable Handbooks, Adoption Forms, and ASA Brochures:

All adoption materials including all forms, handbooks, and promotional brochures, are available for download through our website. The brochures may be particularly helpful when members of a community adoption committee approach businesses and individuals for financial contributions or goods and services needed to support various adoption activities.



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