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Who We Are

Image of girls showing support and patriotism

ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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America Supports You
America Supports You is DOD's official troop support website

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America Supporting Americans








Operation Stay Connected

Purpose.  OPERATION STAY CONNECTED is an initiative to keep Americans connected to the military.  The connection will display to the men and women who will serve, are serving, or have served the appreciation of a grateful nation.  The appreciative Americans who participate also benefit through the interaction with the some of the nation’s bravest and best men and women.  OPERATION STAY CONNECTED has two primary goals.  First, OPERATION STAY CONNECTED seeks to avoid the lapse in communication between adopted units and partnered cities or organizations.  The intent is to maintain the existing connections and initiate more adoptions during a period of reduced military deployments.  Second, OPERATION STAY CONNECTED seeks to express appreciation to young men and women preparing to report to attend initial training; soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines serving in the military; and veterans living in the partnered cities.  The intent is to display support to local men and women willing to serve before, during, and after their service.
Participation.  OPERATION STAY CONNECTED is a shared venture with ASA, partnered cities and organizations, and the military.   To find out how your community or unit can become a part of the ASA OSC please contact us.  

Send us your photo's of you and your adopted unit "Connecting" and we'll post them on the site!


ASA liaison leader Julie Schuler, Janie Terrell and Lou Hartfiel (Villa Hills, KY ) and all their adjoining cities in this adopted family photo of their TOP GUNS 1-320, 2d BDE, 101st visit to the Oktoberfest Cincinnati!

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