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Who We Are

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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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America Supports You
America Supports You is DOD's official troop support website

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ASA Site Policy


(dated March 12, 2005)


The sole purpose of this website is to promote and support America Supporting Americans, its Adopt-a-Unit and Foster-a-Unit programs, and related activities.


With this in mind, the ASA website operates along the following parameters:


Information Available on the ASA Website and Levels of Access:

1.  This website provides information about ASA as an organization including its history and mission, organizational news and announcements, and ways to contact the individuals managing its programs and its website.


2. Through the City and Unit News page and through the Homepage, the website provides information about and promotes adoption activities sponsored by ASA adoptive communities across the country. We will post any pertinent pictures, news items, and announcements for adoptive communities having a website submission agreement form on file with us insofar as space allows.  No pictures and only very general news and announcements will be posted for those adoptive communities not having this form on file with ASA. You may obtain a copy of the website submission agreement form by emailing or by visiting the Adoption Administration page of this website. The accuracy and currency of any of these postings is the sole responsibility of the individual contact person submitting the posting to ASA.


3.  While many of the pages are available to anyone visiting the ASA website, access to certain pages is restricted. Individuals wanting to access our City and Unit News page must first sign up as a registered user. This can be done through any web page by clicking on the word "register" in the upper right hand corner of the page. Registered users may also receive ASA online newsletters and email updates, if they wish to do so. We will not send email or newsletters to anyone asking that they not receive email. There is also an Adoption Administration page that is available only to mayors, unit commanders, and city/unit contact people officilally registered with ASA, and there is a page that is available only to ASA Board Members. (IMPORTANT: Please see item #8 below.)


4.  Communities may fill out a request to adopt a unit; units may submit a request for adoption, and organizations may ask to participate in the ASA Foster-a-Unit Program through this website. Please know that ASA does its best to see that all units interested in being adopted, that all communities interested in adopting a unit, and all organizations interested in participating in the Foster-a-Unit program are matched with a community or unit, depending on the nature of the request. ASA, however, makes no guarantee that it will be able to satisfy all such requests coming through its website, nor does it make any statement of how long it may take to process a given request. To discuss this further, please contact us directly.


Making Donations Through the ASA Website: 

5. Individuals can make donations to ASA through its website. These donations involve secure credit card transactions. ASA keeps no record of credit card information. (Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.) Donations can be made in any of four ways. Two of these, Support ASA and the ASA Honor Roll, support the general charitable enterprises of America Supporting Americans. One, the ASA Campaign for Cities, allows individuals to make a designated contribution in support of adoption activities in a particualr adoptive community. Only communities having a donation agreement form on file with us are eligible to receive these donations. If an individual designates a city not having this form on file with ASA, the donation will be applied to the general charitable purposes of ASA. Finally, an individual can donate to the ASA Activities Campaign which allows a donor to select one activity from an approved list. These funds will be distributed to adoptive communities engaged in the designated activity in whatever manner is deemed best by ASA, provided they have a donation agreement form on file with ASA. Since these funds may be very limited, ASA makes no guarantee that all cities engaged in the designated activity will receive funds, even if they have a donation agreement forms on file with ASA.


Other Information and Restrictions: 

6.  Any visitor to the website may post a general message of support to the troops through the Sound Off! page. Only the date, first name, and City/State of residence will be included with the posting -- unless the individual asks to remain anonymous. ASA will not post any individual's email address or other contact information and it will delete those portions of messages asking that servicemen and women make contact with the individual involved.


7.  Individuals submitting a volunteer form indicating interest in working with local adoption activities should expect to be contacted by the registered contact person for the adoptive community involved. ASA will pass the prospective volunteer's request on to the contact person for that community. If you do not hear from this individual, and if you are positive there is an adoption program in the community you are interested in, please don't hesitate to contact us and inform us of the situation.


8.  No text, pictures, forms, news items, or other information may be copied or quoted from the website or used or duplicated in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of ASA. All forms, handbooks, brochures, and other adoption support material available through the Adoption Administration page of this website are the sole property of ASA and may be used only as directed on that page.


9. Organizations and individuals wishing to include a link to the ASA website on their own websites must first contact America Supporting Americans and obtain permission in writing to do so. Please email or call ASA at (310) 459-5625.


10.  ASA reserves the right to change or amend this policy at any time and in any way deemed necessary without prior notification or announcement. For additonal information, you may want to review our Privacy Policy.



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