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Who We Are

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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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America Supports You
America Supports You is DOD's official troop support website

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Welcome to the


ASA Volunteer News and Information Page



ASA counts on many volunteers to ensure the success of its program.


Volunteer Field Liaisons connect communities in their area with ASA in order to increase the number of cities and towns involved in the ASA Adopt-a-Unit and Foster-a-Unit programs.


Each adoptive community has official contact people who set up the adoption committee in their area, oversee adoption activities for their community and its adopted unit, and who keep in touch with the adopted unit, keeping the community posted on what it's doing. Both ASA contact people and Field Liaisons work closely with ASA, submitting postings to the ASA website, handling donations raised by the community through ASA to support its adoption activities, and keeping ASA informed about what's happening with the adoption program in their community. In additon to city contacts, each adopted unit has a designated contact person who keeps in touch with the adoptive community, oversees the adoption program from the unit end, and who keeps ASA posted on how the adoption is progressing.


Beyond this, every community depends on a large number of volunteers to help organize and run adoption activities. Communities count on fundraisers and donors to provide the funds needed to support an active adoption program, and they count on local businesses for donations or discounts on the goods and services needed for many adoption activities.


If you are interested helping out with or starting an ASA adoption program in your area, please fill out and submit the volunteer form below.



ASA Volunteer Registration Form


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