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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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PRESS RELEASE - Week of the Eagles




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Fort Campbell, Kentucky May l5 through 20th - For the third consecutive year, America Supporting Americans (ASA) will be attending the Week of the Eagles Event. ASA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to link military units, based on U.S. soil or deployed world-wide, with civilian groups and communities through an adoption or foster program thereby providing “morale support”.


A young 19 year old soldier, Sgt. Joseph Artavia, served with a combat infantry unit of the l0lst Airborne Division during the Vietnam War in l968. Joe formulated his concept of boosting morale with care from home in a letter written to his sister in San Mateo, California by requesting his unit to be adopted. Shortly after, Joe was killed in action.


Joe’s unit was to be the first unit adopted by a city. The first U.S. City to adopt a unit under this leadership program was, yes, San Mateo, California. After 38 years of dedication to this program, San Mateo will be sending a representative as part of the ASA Delegation. Also among the ASA delegation members will be an original member of Sgt. Artavia’s unit, Lt. Steve Patterson, platoon leader and in the battle that took Artavia’s life. Patterson will be running with his old unit during the Division Run.


Sgt. Joseph Artavia (lst Adopted son) will be recognized posthumously by his Regiment during the Distinguished Member of the Regiment Ceremony (DMOR) on Thursday May l7. His sister and founder of ASA, Linda Patterson, will be there to receive his DMOR award along with Steve. Christmas of l968, Steve Patterson was assigned to be Linda’s military escort during her visit with the unit in Vietnam. Linda and Steve were later married. The ASA team composed of State Representatives and volunteers rally support of cities and organizations and Lacrosse team universities who continue to keep those serving in harms way boosted with the highest morale. ASA motto: “Morale as High as the Clouds”. Quote Sgt. Artavia.


It was Sgt Artavia’s sister, Linda, who founded the ASA Adopt a unit program which has grown to support three generations of soldiers of this Division and outreach to so many others. ASA has facilitated hundreds of unit adoptions with cities and foster sponsors across the nation going on 40 years through Vietnam, Desert Storm and September llth. Last year ASA was recognized by the Commander in Chief, President Bush, at the White House for its troop support program.


May l7, 2007, ASA City representatives will be traveling from Ohio, Kentucky, California, Tennessee and New Jersey to meet their respective adopted unit soldiers who are gearing up for another deployment and ensure their continued support. The significance of this ASA Delegation of approximately 30 people will be to gain perspective from a civilian standpoint the difficult training, discipline, and sacrifice each soldier must endure to accomplish their dangerous missions.


The Screaming Eagles history is rich with campaign ribbons displaying the courage and bravery of its soldiers past and present who have answered the call to defend America. The “Screaming Eagles” of the 101st have many activities and demonstrations planned and the event is open to the public and veterans groups. Please visit for details and registrations.


ASA Delegation Representatives look forward to this great opportunity as honored guests of this great Division’s Week of the Eagles events and in step with our l0lst keeping our “Rendezvous with Destiny”.

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