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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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EVIL Company News


9 April 2007


Family and Friends of Evil Company,


We have finally reached the half way point of this deployment! Just to let you know we have been given a sponsor for our company. It came to us by way of the America Supporting Americans program. The Wheaton College Lacrosse Team has been gracious enough to pick us up as our sponsor. They have been sending us all kinds of boxes with goodies and just the other day we received T-Shirts with their name on it and our name as well. We recently sent them a bed sheet with our signatures on it for display at their booth to help raise money to send us more goodies. They have been a great sponsor so far and I encourage all of you to follow them throughout their season and cheer them on.


1st Platoon (OUTLAW) has been making head way in recent weeks with our partnered Iraqi Army Company. They are going on daily patrols and really seeing tremendous strides from their counter parts. The Iraqi Army Soldiers are really happy to see the Outlaws every time they come to the compound for Patrols.


2nd Platoon (BLACKSHEEP) continues to provide EOD escort. I recently visited with them for a few days, and I found them in great spirits. They even let me go out on a few missions and see what they do. I have to tell you that with out these guys this Task Force would be hurting for EOD response time.


Scouts (VIPER) continues to spear head the battalion main effort for intelligence gathering. They have been sponsored by the Duke Lacrosse team. They too have been receiving goodies. The Duke Lacrosse team has really taken care of these guys and is wearing the 1st CAV logo on their helmets this season.


We are starting to peak the top of the mountain and begin our down hill run toward the finish line. Leave will continue to go on for those Soldiers that have not had the opportunity to come home and see their loved ones. The rest of us that have had leave will Soldier on and continue to keep missions going.


Thanks to everyone for your support

CPT Matt Miletich


1SG Jesse Pratt


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