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Who We Are

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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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America Supports You
America Supports You is DOD's official troop support website

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President's Corner  


"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." 
- Emerson


Welcome to ASA we have some  exciting news reports from our ASA Cities across the USA.   This is the first official newsletter and we welcome your comments and updates.  We will be sharing our many cities' reports and updates and noted pride for their "adopted units".    ASA Cities all take pride in their soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen and national guard & reserves units.    You may not see it on the 6:00 O'clock news but you will see it here so "Stand Tall" for your Troops and let them know America supports them wherever their mission takes them or whatever side of the world they find themselves to be....


May the splendor and sparkle the peace and love of this Holiday Season be yours.

Happy New Year!



Linda Patterson

ASA Founder 

dec 05 jingle bells

 ASA Spotlights 10 Outstanding Cities:


Cold Springs, KY

Sarasota, FL

Burlingame, CA

Valley View, OH

Ashland City, TN

San Mateo, CA

La Habra, CA

Winchester, TN

Malibu, CA

Boynton Beach, FL


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Bulletin Notice:

In coordination with The White House Office of Public Liaison should any of ASA cities request a military speaker for any community event or function please contact us.

Consider sending one of these requested items, specifically from our troops:

    * Cot size air mattresses
    * Larger, thicker bath towels
    * Pillows
    * Folding lounge chairs (patio chairs)
    * Slippers/flip flops for the tents and the showers
      * Cot organizers which hangs on the side of the cots
      * Socks (white ankle socks)
      * Socks (OD Green socks) 
      * Sports equipment such as basketballs, volleyball & net, horse shoes, footballs, baseballs & bats, fuzz ball tables, ping pong table
      * Board games
      * Magazines (fitness, sports, news, etc.)
      * Books, or anything anyone would like to donate such as old Playstation games or Xbox games
      * Gatorade
      * Baby wipes


- Reprinted from the Louisville Metro


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Updates from the States



San Clemente: November 12, 2005
marine monument - city of san clemente 

Adopted City to the 2-4 Marines dedicated ceremony Marine Monument at Park Semper Fi



A Co. ("Gators") 2/327 101st ABN Div.


Supporting the troops
Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Troops of the 101st Airborne Division, adopted by Malibu through a program intitiated by America Supporting Americans.


City drafts residents for pen-pal program to correspond with troops from the legendary Kentucky 101st Airborne Division, also known as the "Gators."


If watching movies, reading the papers and listening to the news haven't brought the war home yet, people may soon find some action in their mailboxes. Malibu is offering residents an opportunity on Veterans Day to sign-up for correspondence with soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division (also known as the "Gators") who are in Iraq.


Reprinted in part from The Malibu Times


San Mateo


Adopted City to A Co. 1/327, l0lst ABN Division

Alpha Company, 1/327 Infantry Battalion

1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)

Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223


October 19, 2005


Dear Residents of San Mateo, Mayor Epstein, Deputy Mayor Lee and Ms. Gomez,


The soldiers and families of Alpha Company 1-327 would like to thank the City of San Mateo for all of your support throughout the most challenging aspects of our job. Your support and friendship has helped us and our families as we struggled through the year long deployment in 2003 and through our current deployment.


It is difficult to be away from what we know and from our family and friends for such a long period of time. They say that it’s harder on those left behind then those who leave and we believe it to be true. Our families endure a tremendous amount of stress and worry for our well- being. But there is comfort in knowing that our families are being taken care of while we are away.



Lakeside Park, Villa Hills, Taylor Mills, Crescent Springs


It is our privilege to introduce you to the1-320 Field Artillery Regiment (FAR) of the 101st Airborne based in Ft. Campbell Kentucky.  This proud and professional group of 370 soldiers has recently deployed to Iraq for the second time.  The city of Lakeside Park has adopted the Headquarters Battery of the 1-320 FAR consisting of about 83 soldiers.  Our role now is to give this unit support as they serve their country.


Louisville: Adopt a Soldier


The United States Army unit “adopted” by the city of Louisville, in honor of government employees who have served in the military, has arrived in Baghdad.


Mayor Jerry Abramson announced back in June that residents would be encouraged to send letters and supplies to members of the Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division also know as the Rakkasans.


We now have an address, a list of requested items, and mailing instructions for you to use to correspond with our troops overseas.


“I hope all city employees and residents will consider supporting these men and women who are fighting in a foreign land away from their families and friends,” said Abramson.



Ashland City:  Adopted C CO 1-327, l0lst ABN Div.


In addition to Faye McDonald's home loading up with collected items to be sent to Cobra Company, Faye is on the lst Battalion Christmas Committee assuring a wonderful Christmas for the families and especially the little ones who will not have their daddys around this holiday.   The lst Battalion Family Readiness Leaders work hard to bring Christmas cheer to their soldiers and their own - this year they will have the support from their extended families as well whether it be 3,000 miles away in San Mateo, or Burlingame California or Brentwood, Tennessee, Franklin, Tennessee, Winchester, Tennessee or Ashland City, Tennessee - All adopted cities of the lst Battalion will be doing their part and the troops of the lst Battalion will know how much they are thought of especially during the holiday season.    The barbeques, dinners, luncheons and visits for just about every city function before they deployed, is very present with these soldiers.  Whether it be the hand shakes from Mayors or Tennessean residents they know they are all part of the community families where plates will be set to let them know they are in everyones thoughts daily.  


Brentwood, Tennessee:
Adopted E CO 1-327, 101st ABN Div.

Christmas Gift Coin

brentwood, tn christmas gift coin


Discover Financial (Network) Albany, Ohio - Foster a unit, A 2-320 FAR & G 2-320

dec 05 packing boxes newsletter image 
dec 05 troops newsletter image


 "God bless you all and keep you safe, and speed your way back home.
Remember that we love you so, and that you're not alone.

The gift you give you share with all, a present every day,
You give the gift of liberty and that we can't repay."


- From The Sands of Christmas, by Michael Parks


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