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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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For Immediate Release Contact:
Gerald Kostecka
December 20, 2005
Telephone: 949-791-0730




Irvine, CA— Next Generation Business Resources, NGBR, and America Supporting Americans, ASA, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Vista and the Boys & Girls Club of Vista, announced today the creation and deployment of Operation Connect. This union of a hi-tech marketing company and non-profit organizations providing support for military personnel is the result of the desire to provide a Christmas Gift that will make Christmas 2005 one to remember for both the Marines deployed in Iraq and their families.


Operation Connect quickly evolved from an idea into a dedicated mission. NGBR President, Dr. Robert C. K. Lee, a prominent community activist and founding member of Garden Grove, CA based Crystal Cathedral, came up with the idea as a way for NGBR to show appreciation for the dedication and determination of our men and women serving abroad. “Many of us will enjoy spending time with our family and friends this Christmas,” said Dr. Lee. “But there are many families here that have husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers deployed in Iraq. As a result, these families will spend Christmas thousands of miles apart. Using the power of our i-Speak product and the Internet, we have the ability to unite these families, offering them a few precious moments with their family this Christmas.”


Operation Connect will allow ASA adopted Marines deployed in Iraq the opportunity to have a live, face-to-face Internet based video conversation with loved ones here in the United States. Using the NGBR i-Speak web conferencing product, the families will receive a 10 to 15 minute video meeting with their loved one serving in Iraq. All costs associated with the use of the i-Speak product are being donated by NGBR to make this event possible. In addition, ASA, the Rotary Club of Vista and the Boys and Girls Club of Vista, which is hosting the local “Connection Stations”, are contributing by providing the event location, valuable support services, coordination and a Christmas Party for all the attendees. Food, beverages, music and Christmas Spirit will all be part of this incredible event. Participants in the event will be Marines from the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (LAR), deployed from Camp Pendleton, California and their families. The event is expected to unite as many as 50 service members and their families and may involve more than 200 family members.


The Operation Connect global event will take place on Friday, December 23, 2005 and will start at approximately 10:00 am PST. It will take place at the Boys & Girls Club of Vista at 410 W. California Ave, Vista, CA 92083. There will be two separate private rooms for the families to speak to their loved ones. The service members in Iraq will also have a private area to enjoy the time speaking with and actually seeing their family members.


NGBR is a 6-year-old professional sales and marketing company based in Irvine, CA. The company is introducing a comprehensive line of hi-tech communications products and services to both the commercial marketplace and direct to consumers. In addition, they offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and business minded people to represent these dynamic products by establishing their own independent small business. Information about the company and the products they represent may be found by visiting


ASA was established in 1967 when Sergeant Joe Artavia wrote his big sister, Linda Patterson, President and Founder of ASA, from Vietnam asking her to do something to help raise the morale of his unit. Linda convinced her hometown of San Mateo, California to "adopt" her brother Joe's unit in Vietnam. Linda was successful. As a result, the morale of Joe's fellow soldiers was, in Joe's own words, “raised as high as the clouds." Tragically, Joe, at just nineteen, was killed in a firefight trying to aid a fallen trooper only three weeks after the adoption took place. The adoption program was revitalized during Desert Storm and again in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Through these adoptions, both soldiers/marines and civilians are discovering the unique and crucial link that exists between the men and women of our Armed Services and the American citizens they are charged to protect. Information about ASA and their adoption programs may be found by visiting


The Rotary Club of Vista is the proud sponsor of the 1st LAR Marines. The Rotary Club has involved the families of the Marines in Vista's annual Grape Expectation wine tasting, as well as hosted a Halloween party for the families. Rotary club members are part of a diverse group of professional leaders working to address various community and international service needs. Through community service and other means, Rotary club members help promote peace and understanding throughout the world.


The Boys & Girls Club of Vista has been serving the city of Vista and surrounding areas for 42 years. They are proud of the benefits they offer to all families and are especially eager to serve the Families of deployed servicemen and women. The Boys & Girls Club of Vista has been at the forefront of youth development, working with young people from disadvantaged economic, social and family circumstances. They have actively sought to enrich the lives of boys and girls whom other youth agencies fail to reach. They are dedicated to ensuring that our community’s disadvantaged youngsters have greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures.


Today, more than 5,500 boys and girls have taken advantage of the programs, activities and services provided by The Boys & Girls Club of Vista. They benefit from trained, caring, professional staff and volunteers who help young people take control of their lives, envision productive futures and achieve their goals.


Additional Operation Connect Contact Information:


b of Vista
"The Positive Place For Kids"

(760) 724-6606


Linda Patterson, President & Founder

America Supporting Americans (ASA)

(310) 459-5625


Peggy Reiber, Executive Director Boys & Girls Club

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