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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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Fort Mitchell, Kentucky's Beechwood School Welcomes CPT Teague and 1SG McCReady
(Bravo Company 2-504 PIR with the 82nd ABN Division)

Message from CPT Teague




The 1SG and I had an outstanding time when we went to Ft Mitchell to thank them for all of the support that they gave us during the deployment. When we arrived, we were met at the airport by several of the parents, teachers and children from the school. They took us out to dinner that night at that "chili" place if you want to call it that. The next day a family from the town picked us up and took us to breakfast, when we were done with breakfast two fire trucks and three police cars pulled up for our escort to the school. They put a banner on the town hall and the entire school and some of the townspeople were lining the whole street waiting for our arrival. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Instead of us coming to thank them, all they could do was thank us. We visited all the classrooms and let the kids ask questions, like "what is your favorite gun?" We then had a school assembly (kindergarten- 12th grade) and a lot of townspeople, the Mayor, Police Chief all attended. The Mayor presented us with a proclamation and a plaque as did the school. I gave a short speech and showed a video that I made with a lot of the pictures from Afghanistan. At the end we presented the Mayor and the school with certificates of appreciation matted and framed with a bunch of pictures of the company. All in all in was great to see an American city that was so united and supportive of the Paratroopers. They paid for our plane tickets, hotel rooms, meals, everything. We were not allowed to pay for anything while we were there. Please pass this along and let the other commanders know that this is what Americans Supporting Americans Organization is all about.



CPT Brandon S. Teague


Personal Comment from Beechwood School Teacher Nancy Taylor


"When I met Capt. Teague at the airport, I actually felt as though I was meeting a long lost relative, someone I already knew from our correspondance throughout the previous months. I have a daughter that is 28, not that much younger than Capt. Teague and 1SG McCready. I guess my maternal instincts set right in, as I claimed them as my own. I actually consider all 130 of the 2-504 "my boys", and have a renewed passion to do whatever I can to help these brave men that put it all on the line, and their families as well. This whole experience with ASA has filled me up with pride in our country and the men and women wno serve and protect it. I feel that many, many people felt a life changing experience during their visit. I'm still getting letters, e-mails, and comments daily about the effect the visit of Capt. Teague and 1SG McCready had on different individuals. As they left I reminded them that they would always and forever be a part of the Beechwood/Ft. Mitchell family. They are a part of us."


Welcome Home Welcome Home
Kids Holding Welcome signs that they had made for CPT Teague and 1SG McCready Some elementary students greeting Capt. Teague and 1SG McCready.  (The seniors decorated the trees in honor of these men.)
Entire school (over 900 kids, teachers, parents, etc.) filed out of the building and lined the street leading to the school. Capt. Teague and 1SG McCready visiting with parents a few minutes after they had been escorted to school by police and fire trucks. 
Part of the 900 kids, parents, teachers who had lined the street greeting Capt. Teague and 1SG McCready, now following them into the school parking lot..looking for their "Heroes"! Capt. Teague fielding questions from students during an assembly in their honor.  (Again, over 900 kids, parents, teachers in attendance at the assembly.)

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