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Who We Are

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ASA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that links individual units in all branches of the military with communities across the country

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Youth Civic Action and Awareness Program (YCAP)


ASA encourages adoptive communities to use their adoption programs to expand young people's understanding of America's role in global affairs, of the role the military plays in the American political system, and of the experience of American servicemen and women. With this in mind, YCAP enables teachers to use their community's participation in the Adopt-a-Unit Program to enrich their curriculums and to add new dimensions to the learning that goes on in their classrooms. The activities described on this page are only a few ideas for YCAP activities. Keep in mind that ASA helps to fund these activities using contributions designated for the YCAP Campaign. Adoptive communities should review the ASA Handbook for Adoptive Cities for more information.


 Passing out school supplies in Iraq   

A high school administrator

decided to get his students involved in gathering and packing donations of toys and many school supplies to ship to their community's adopted unit in Iraq. Through this effort, soldiers in a unit of the 101st Airborne Division were able to distribute 64 boxes of toys and school supplies to children living in a small village in northern Iraq.




There are many basic YCAP activities:


Take students on a field trip to the post, base, or ship where your community's unit is stationed.


Exchange letters with adopted unit members stationed overseas.


Integrate maps and other materials provided by the adopted unit into lesson plans.


Invite unit members to visit schools to speak about their experiences.

Perhaps they will come prepared to display some special piece of equipment

suitable for the children to see and perhaps handle.




 A second grade teacher used topographical maps, satelite maps, and pictures sent to her by her community's adopted unit to enrich her geography curriculum. Two marines from the unit visited the class before being deployed to talk about the geography and culture of the Middle East and to show the children pictures from their previous deployment in Kuwait.




Explore other ideas for adoption activities.


School and community groups can also participate through

ASA's Foster-a-Unit Program.





 A seventh grade class received letters from soldiers in their community's adopted unit telling about how they were moving food an supplies from a port in Kuwait to remote Iraqi villages under the auspices of a United Nations relief program. This provided their social studies teacher with an opportunity to explore the relationship between the United States, the United Nations, and other countries.




A 12th grade physics teacher got a helicopter crew from her city's adopted unit to visit her schools, landing a helicopter on the playing field. The crew, including the pilot, co-pilot, crew chief, and two aviation mechanics, gave the students a lesson in how a helicopter flies. Not only did this reinforce what the students had been learning about aeronautics in their physics class, but it also gave the students an opportunity to ask the soldiers any number of questions about their work in particular, the military in general, and the situation in the Middle East.




In order to receive funds through ASA's YCAP Campaign,

you must provide the following:


A letter from the mayor, or comparable civic official, verifying your community's participation in YCAP activities. (This can be incouded with the Donation Agreement Form.)


A letter, signed by the principal or head of school, describing the activity, explaining the nature of the financial need, and outlining the costs involved. This letter must include an explanation of how members of your community's adopted unit will be involved.


ASA retains sole discretion to decide how YCAP funds will be distributed. Furthermore, since ASA cannot control what donations are made to the YCAP Campaign, ASA makes no guarantee that funds will be available. ASA reserves the right to cancel this Campaign at any time. Participating cities will be notified in the event of cancellation.



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